Arab Women Authority

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common questions

Yes, you can apply for membership by going to the membership application page on the site.

Yes, you can participate after reviewing the conditions for participation in each event separately.

Yes, you can participate after reviewing the training course data and registering for it after paying the prescribed fees.

Yes, nominations for the award can be made by entering the award page on the website and downloading the nomination form from the download form link.

Yes, the authority welcomes every positive contribution or any initiative to supply the authority’s projects and programs after submitting a request to the authority’s official e-mail.

Yes, the commission welcomes any contribution in presenting research and studies related to women’s issues after writing a proposal for a preliminary outline of research or study to the commission.

Yes, you can buy the Authority’s publications after entering the publications link and paying the price for that issue through the special link.

Yes, it is possible to apply for a scholarship, taking into account the conditions for candidacy for masters and doctorates, for outstanding students in the Arab Least Developed Countries.

The answer is that the state needs such projects, and correspondence takes place through official channels with the governments of the beneficiary countries.